DEA Suspected In Poisoning Marijuana With Fentanyl, Now Warns “It Can Immediately Be ‘Lights Out!'”

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DEA officials say drug traffickers use fentanyl to make their product more competitive because it provides a better high. But it can be deadly.

Fentanyl is showing up in Marijuana and threatening lives according to the Drug Enforcement Administration confirmed to our Milwaukee affiliate WISN-TV Wednesday.

“You’re probably talking about people, who are not experienced, who have not built up a tolerance to opioids being introduced to fentanyl, a very powerful opiod,” Bob Bell, DEA Assistant Special Agent in Charge said. “And it can immediately be lights out.”

Drug traffickers use fentanyl to make their product more competitive and give a better high, according to the DEA.

The DEA said just two milligrams of fentanyl is enough to kill most people if found in marijuana.

Bell said drug traffickers can lace drugs with powder in a simple way, or put the fentanyl in a liquid solution to apply to the marijuana. Bell said it can be mixed in “real gross, non-pharmaceutical way.”

“Right now the effects of fentanyl in the Milwaukee area and the state of Wisconsin are devastating,” Bell said.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner said they can’t directly correlate fentanyl being in marijuana in the county. They do confirm that fentanyl has shown up in the bloodstream along with elements of marijuana in overdose victims.

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