Marijuana Tampons Could Be The Solution To Period Cramps [Watch]

Cannabis-laced tampons may help reduce period pains because they contain THC and CBD, the main compounds in marijuana known to relax muscles and nerves.

Cannabis-laced tampons may help reduce period pains because they contain THC and CBD, the main compounds in marijuana known to relax muscles and nerves.

If you’re one of the many women who finds herself curled up in the fetal position due to Aunt Flo’s monthly visit, you should learn more about “cannabis vaginal suppositories” which are supposedly a godsend to females who suffer from period pains.

Cannabis-laced tampons are being credited with being able to reduce cramps and aches as they contain THC and CBD, the two main active cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana. Both are known to relax muscles and nerves.

According to Foria Relief, one of the makers of the revolutionary feminine products, the suppositories “[allow] for more pleasant signals to be received by the brain” because they are inserted closely to where the pain originates.

Considering that marijuana has a long cross-cultural history of use as a natural aid in easing symptoms associated with menstruation, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that a few companies have already released suppositories that are laced with the herb.

Within 15-30 minutes of inserting a cannabis tampon, most women report a relief of symptoms. In fact, some makers even suggest for the tampons to be inserted rectally to help those who suffer from hip or back pain experience relief. Of course, using the suppositories for that purpose is completely up to the consumer.

Because cannabis is heavily regulated in the U.S., one can only obtain varieties of the weed-infused tampons in California or Colorado. Of course, it’s well-worth noting that cannabis-laced tampons are not cheap. For a four-pack of Foria inserts, one will spend $44 – approximately $11 a tampon. Are they worth it? We’ll let you guys decide and comment your thoughts below.

Following is a video that explains more about the cannabis-laced tampons:

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