CDC Knowingly LIED About Mercury In Vaccines: Proof Has Finally Surfaced

Vaccine safety is a hot topic, for years people have blindly followed the ‘guidelines’ set up to apparently help the public.


But what happened was swathes of people receiving vaccines that may have not been right for them, and in some cases actively damaged their health.

Big Pharma are desperate to hide the nasty ingredients that go into their vaccines, everything from monkey kidneys to heavy metals are pumped into your bloodstream each time you get a shot. The CDC say that they didn’t know about the presence of mercury in their vaccines, but it turns out they lied.

Health activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.along with Lyn Redwood have been working tirelessly for years to get the truth about these vaccines out in the open.

Consultant Dr. Barry Rumack, MD was asked to provide:

“toxicologic and pharmacologic evaluation of drugs, biological and potentially toxic or hazardous agents for government and industry ”

Discrepancies arose in the differences between what the CDC classified as a ‘safe’ level of mercury, and the amount of mercury you want inside your child, i.e, none.

Kennedy and Redwood released documents stating the following: 

“There was no point in time from birth to approximately 16-18 months of age that infants were below the EPA guidelines for allowable mercury exposure. In fact, according to the models, blood and body burden levels of mercury peaked at six months of age at a shockingly high level of 120ng/liter.

To put this in perspective, the CDC classifies mercury poisoning as blood levels of mercury greater than 10 ng/L.”

The CDC’s cover was blown when the discrepancies became too obvious to ignore:

“[T]he FDA assigned a pediatrician with little knowledge of toxicology to oversee its public reporting. When Dr. Leslie Ball was asked why she reported the mercury exposure levels in this deceptive fashion, she responded, ‘That is what I was told to do’.”

Don’t be fooled by the health officials who have their well-being in your hands, the advice they dish out isn’t always in your best interest.

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