Monsanto Dealt Major Blow: Mexico Revokes Permit to Market GMO Soy in Seven States

Agro-chemical giant Monsanto have lost their license to market GMO soy in seven states in Mexico.


Reuters have reported that Mexican agriculture authority SENASICA have revoked Monsanto’s permit, a decision which they have called unjustified.

The move is just one decision out of a more recent turn in the tides for the GMO giant. They were recently kicked out of talks by the EU parliament for not following protocols, and the ingredient in the best selling product ‘Roundup’ – glyphosate –  was deemed a probable human carcinogen in the entire state of California.

Mexican newspaper Reforma have reported how the companies licence was revoked after GMO soy was detected in unauthorized areas.

One of the biggest concerns over GMO products and chemical pesticides and herbicides is their tendency to be taken with the wind. Monsanto’s products have a nasty habit of turning up where they aren’t wanted including crops labelled ‘organic’.


Monsanto claim that their products are safe to ingest, due to the minute amounts that they are usually found in. But the problem arises when lots and lots of ‘undetectable’ levels stack up – there is no way of telling how many GMO’s the average person is consuming because, as mentioned before, they have a habit of turning up in foods you would least expect.

Monsanto have argued against the decision, they have said that the fact that the decision was not based on how the unauthorized seeds were sown should have been taken into consideration.

The areas that were included in the ban are Tamaulipas, San Luis Potosi, Veracruz, Chiapas, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

This isn’t the first time Monsanto have been stopped from getting what they want in Mexico. Efforts by them to start sowing corn were shut down by the government in 2013.

Via Eco Watch

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