Cornell Student Who Fought Bill Gates & Monsanto, Plans to Expose Their Agenda Even Further in Major New Project

A Cornell student who was less than impressed with his school’s pro-GMO stance plans to tackle the issue even further.


Robert Schooler enrolled at Ivy League university Cornell to study GMO issues, and was shocked to find how one-sided the school’s views were.

All of the information Schooler seemed to be getting taught was strongly pro-GMO, and after just a little investigation Schooler discovered that GMO firms such as Monsanto and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation were giving money to teaching establishments in order for them to peddle their lies.

Cornell were revealed to have received a ‘donation’ from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a whopping $6 million.

Instead of swallowing what he described as a “blatant display of unscientific propaganda,”, Schooler decided to take matters in to his own hands.

He set up his own series of lectures on campus and was able to get experts Frances Moore Lappé, Vandana Shiva, and T. Colin Campbell to speak to students to allow for a more two-sided view on GMO matters.

Schooler said:

“The whole thing, to be honest, was a total blast, and I’ve made some lifetime friends in the process!”

“I can’t express enough of my deep gratitude for all those that contributed, and made this goal a reality.”


But things at Cornell didn’t change, the pro-GMO brigade that has firmly penetrated the teachings at the university have continued to spout myths and try to brainwash people into believing that GMO’s are needed to solve the world’s food crisis.

Instead of just lying down and admitting defeat, Schooler has planned to continue his anti-GMO crusade and plans to release a blockbuster film project.

Schooler released a video in which he outlined his aims.

He said:

“Hey Cornell, remember me? Your beloved hippie student who can’t stand the fact that you’re so cozy with Monsanto and the Biotech GMO industry?”

“Remember when (in that course) your professors claimed that the glyphosate ingredient in Roundup is safer than table salt and coffee?” he continues. “That we need GMOs to solve world hunger?”

“Remember when midway through (their pro-Biotech) course I learned that all the professors making these wild claims along with the deans of the Ag school, were all copied in emails from Monsanto, their PR firms and other biotech corporations?”

“Remember when I decided to host my own independent GMO course at Cornell, free from Monsanto influence?

“Well that’s why I’ve decided to create a documentary film about my experiences, well more like an open letter to you and also to Bill Gates, Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson…and everyone else who considers themselves to be pro-GMO.”

Schooler says in the video that he hopes his new project will be ‘very unique’ and plans to educate other students and members of the public on issues such as GMO agriculture, Monsanto, the relationship between GMO’s and universities like Cornell and academic freedom and scientific integrity.

The projects new title is GMO WTF, which stands for Grow More Organic Wholesome Tasty Foods.

Via Alt Health Works 

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