Christian Fascism Comes To Brazil: New President Bolsonaro Promises Christian Theocracy

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s new president, is a dangerous Christian fascist who promises to remake Brazil into a Christian theocracy.

Promising to restore law and order and prioritize family values, Christian fascist Jair Bolsonaro won 55.2% of votes cast, making him the next president of Latin America’s largest nation and the world’s fourth-largest democracy.

Before his election Bolsonaro was a seven-term congressman with a reputation for making  racist, misogynist, and homophobic statements while maintaining close ties with and the support of powerful religious conservatives.

Vox reports Bolsonaro summed up his far-right presidential campaign with the slogan:

Brazil before everything, and God above all.

More important, in a campaign speech delivered last year, Bolsonaro signaled his intention to promote Christian theocracy for Brazil, declaring:

God above everything. There is no such thing as this secular state. The state is Christian and the minority will have to change, if they can. The minorities will have to adapt to the position of the majority.

After his victory, Bolsonaro told his jubilant supporters that he was “going to change the destiny of Brazil,” declaring:

We cannot continue flirting with socialism, communism, populism and leftist extremism … We are going to change the destiny of Brazil.

Reuters reports:

In his acceptance speech, Bolsonaro promised to govern according to the Bible…

The Christian “family values” Bolsonaro hopes to defend as Brazil’s new president include homophobia and misogyny. For example, on gays he said:

If your son begins to act like this, sort of gay, he deserves a smack and he’ll change his behavior.

I’m not going to combat or discriminate, but if I see two men kissing on the street, I’m going to hit them.

I would be unable to love a gay son. I won’t be a hypocrite here: I would prefer that my son die in an accident rather than appear with a [gay] moustache. For me, he would be dead.

Concerning women he said:

I have five children. Four were boys, on the fifth I got weak and had a daughter.

I never beat my ex-wife. But I thought of shooting her various times.

I would never rape you (female politician) because you don’t deserve it.

In addition to endorsing homophobia and misogyny, Bolsonaro has also endorsed racism and the torture and murder of political opponents. And the Christians love him for it.

Bottom line: Brazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, is a dangerous Christian fascist who promises to remake Brazil into a Christian theocracy.

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