11 Improvable Factors That Affect WordPress Optimization

Is your website still taking time to load even after WordPress optimization?

WordPress is an established name in the tech world. It is free to install and upgrade. 75million websites use this to power their website.

To take less than 3 seconds in browsing WordPress optimization is required. But some factors are affecting the optimizations.

Here you will know the factors, and we will try to solve them for you.

Factors That Affecting WordPress Optimization

Beginners are not even aware of the fact that what is affecting their WordPress optimization.

But don’t need to worry at all we are going to make you understand those factors. We will even give you the solution also.


1. Web Hosting Service

If you have a shared hosting that it will have a bad effect on your site. Because if another shared hosting server gets more traffic than your site faces the adverse impact. If you are not sure which hosting good for you , check web hosting reviews here.

2. Big Sized Images And Videos

Good quality images and videos attract visitors most. But if these videos and images consume most of the store, then it will take a lot of time to load the site.

3. Huge Amount Of Plugins And Widgets

The use of many plugins and widgets can give your site a bad result. There are so many inactive plugins which are not utilized anymore.

4. Disable Hotlinking

Hotlinking on a WordPress site can take a considerable time to load. So hotlinking will be a big no for any server.

5. Various HTTP Request

If there are various HTTP requests, then it will harm your website performance.

6.      Backdated WordPress Version

Backdated WordPress versions will be the main reason if your server is slow even after optimization.

7. Cache Plugin

Cache plugins should be in your website if it’s not then your site is in trouble. And the best caching plugin you can use is wp-rocket.

8. Pingbacks And Trackbacks

Pingbacks and trackbacks give the site a heavy burden for loading time and make its performance worse.

9.      Server Lazy Load

If your server is very lazy to load because of heavy images and videos hence there will be no visitors on your site.

10. Bad Hardware Performance

If your hardware has a minimum number of processors and its speed is terrible. Even storage is less than it will have a bad impact.

11. Delayed Software Version

Delayed software versions also have a terrible influence on your site and take too much time.


  • Have a virtual hosting and dedicated server for your site where you will be able to control the settings.
  • Optimized images and videos should be used.
  • Reduce the uses of plugins and widgets.
  • To protect from hotlinking, you can use the “htaccess” file.
  • Try to reduce the HTTP request.
  • Keep up to date your WordPress server.
  • Get better cache plugins.
  • Turn off the Pingbacks and trackbacks option.
  • Have a lazy load plugin.
  • Get higher performance hardware.
  • Have the latest software version.

Wrap Up

Every single or mini seconds count on tech websites. If it’s slow, then visitors don’t even think twice to back off from that lazy site.

So, you need to give your site a WordPress optimization and be careful about the factors that affect your website.