7 Things To Consider When Selecting A Phone Plan In Italy

Mobiles are an Italian lifestyle; it is extremely necessary to study or work there to have a good phone plan. However, to get an Italian mobile plan, you will need an Italian tax (Codice fiscale) necessary for both prepaid SIM cards and mobile contracts.

TIM, Wind, Vodafone, and Tre lead the market as a mobile supplier in Italy. Each company provides a wide variety of voice and data packages, and before entering a contract, you should carefully compare rates and conditions.

As a student planning to study in Italy, you need to be present online almost every day for research, and you need the right cell phone plan to do this.

There are many important items to consider when selecting a new phone plan. It should be noted that these companies do not have an English web version. Here are a few words to which attention should be given when searching for the Italian telephone:

1.Contract types

Italy has two different types of contracts: prepaid or ricaricabili, this is an excellent choice for those who do not plan to spend long periods, probably you only want to work for some time or study for a longer period and return to your home country, or Abbonamenti / Abbonamento that gives you a reasonable price, but they do require you to register for minimum periods.


Generally, you need to browse through the company’s website to find all prices included in your rate. Here are some items to look for when selecting the company:

Firstly, the tariff or rate it offers. Most company has special plans for students or young adults usually under the age of 30.

Secondly, any “hidden expenses” like VAT or sale tax have to be searched). In Italy, the government imposed a special communication tax of €5.16 called Tassa di concessione Governativa.


We assume that this is no longer an issue, as technology has greatly improved in the past few years. However, If you are uncertain, most organisations have a map to see the regions covered by your preferred plan, i.e., copertura.

4.The reputation of the company

Beyond the company’s name, determine whether they are extremely secure and respectable when giving cellphone plans. Before choosing a phone plan, consider the number of years they have been in the industry. If they have been in the industry for a long time, it ensures they have an excellent reputation and durability as a service provider.

5.Customer service

It is important to ensure that the company’s customer support programs are supreme and of high quality by all other service providers in the sector before partnering with any phone plan.

Search for a customer-friendly service provider with great policies and service. Above all, work with a company that first places customer satisfaction.

6.International Options

You must take account of the foreign opportunities the firm provides; if you also leave the country probably after you have completed your program, you need to visit another for a business trip or other reasons. Some companies can telephone you globally, but the prices are also high. See also an international telephone package with an affordable phone plan and text options.


You need to search for a service provider with excellent safety features if your phone has invaluable data on it, including email, text messages, and access to cloud software. A company that provides ready cell phone protection for the Internet is a great option.

You can erase any data off your missing or stolen phone using Security features. It allows fraud to be managed remotely; the computer is located if theft is involved, and unwanted messages and calls are blocked.