CSM vs CSPO: What certification fits your requirement?

The last few years have been the time of Agile methodologies. Gaining a significant amount of clout, these certifications are increasingly being taken up by professionals to perform better in the job market. Certification courses like the CSM course are being taken up by more and more people every year making it one of the most coveted courses in the country.

With so much attention given to it, organizations everywhere are quickly undergoing a transformation that will align their workflows with Agile methodologies. They have realized the fact that it will help them deliver even more value and maintain business partnerships in a much better manner. However, with so many certifications for CSM and CSPO available, the question arises as to which one is perfect for you.

To understand the course better suited for your career, let’s look at each of them in a little more detail –


Benefits of gaining a CSM certification

Certified ScrumMaster certification training in Pune and other major tiers 1 cities in India provides the perfect platform for the candidates to enroll and excel in what is now being considered an integrated course for corporate excellence. The course work is chock full of educative content aimed especially towards teaching you how Scrum methodology works. Moreover, the main principles that govern the practices are talked about in detail, so you understand the basics and gain a strong foundation in its conceptual frameworks. This certification is definitely your cup of tea if you are aiming to gain an understanding of Scrum for all projects, present, and future.

To put it simply, taking up a CSM course will greatly benefit you if you want a certification that validates your knowledge of Scrum. Let’s be honest, at the end of the day, it’s the hiring decisions that will ultimately influence your decision on whether or not to do this course. What’s exciting about this is the fact that it might throw up challenging opportunities that might go a long way in provoking interest in professionals. Also, if you are someone looking to switch roles in your organization then a CSM certification is sure to help.

Some other benefits that can come out of a CSM certification would be quick acceptance into Agile teams that operate on the knowledge of Scrum. Also, a lot of these organizations like to portray the skill sets of team members to clients in order to improve confidence and portray to them that they have the necessary knowledge base to execute their projects with ease. So, if you are a working professional or a fresher, a CSM course in Hyderabad would be perfect for you.

The other side of the Agile coin would be a CSPO training

CSPO stands for Certified Scrum Product Owner and is a common IT certification. While a CSM certification is good for folks who will be working on the ground, a CSPO certification is designed more with the business owner in mind. This makes sense as a project team will not just have the people who are coding. It will also consist of folks who are closer to the business side of things and don’t generally get their hands dirty with the minute details.

The CSPO course is a useful tool to provide a complete bird’s eye picture of the project, from conceptualization to deployment of a minimum viable product (MVP). One also gets insights into what the stakeholder interests might be for a particular project. For example, someone looking to analyze their annual online store footfall might have a completely different end goal in mind. The analysis might just be a means to an end, and a CSPO certified professional is trained to identify just that. Not just one, but the training imparts knowledge to gauge what a business owner is thinking across functionalities across verticals. Organizations will scoop up professionals trained in a CSPO course because they are best suited to guide the entire team well. This includes the business side of things as well. In other words, if you are aiming to become a full-fledged Product Owner, or looking to move into such a role, then a CSPO certification is what you need.

In a nutshell

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you on whether you want to go for a CSM or a CSPO certification. There are a lot of factors that will influence it and you might find that you do not have direct control over them. Things like your career goals, present professional role, future plans, state of the economy, and hiring decisions will go a long way in helping you decide what to go for. For now, however, look around you and think about where you want to be in the next ten years or so. This will go a long way in helping you decide whether to ultimately go for CSM or CSPO.