How to Boost SMB-Operability via Digital Technology in 2021

Digital technology can be a valuable ally to new business owners.

In a sea of digital solutions that new entrepreneurs have at their disposal, they might not know what options to focus on.

If they try to use too many tools, they might waste their time without reaching the desired success.

Because of that, it’s important to learn more about the hottest trends for SMBs in digital technology for 2021.

In this article, we’ll cover the key aspects of these dig-tech features.

1. Embrace the Internet of Things

Connecting every device to the same network and to one another significantly improves the operability of every business. This is what the Internet of Things (IoT) makes possible.

Let’s take an average SMB as an example.When you connect all your devices to the same business network, you’ll accelerate all your business operations.

It’s much easier to exchange documents via an internal office network than to transfer files via email or flash drives and portable disks.

What’s more, connecting smart devices to the internal network gives you a chance to handle them in a more advanced way. For instance, you can optimize your expenses by controlling electricity and heating remotely.

Moreover, using the IoT helps employees toimprove their control over business information and increases overall data security within a business.

2. Turn to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence makes fast progress and becomes an integral part of modern business operations.

Chatbots are the starting point for SMBs in the implementation of AI. Such chatbots are relatively simple to install and their main benefit is that they can automate a fair share of customer support process. Moreover, all questions asked by your customers and leads are stored and used as input data for AI-tools.

Apart from that, SMBs can use AI to advance their customer relationship management (CRM). All the communication bits between your business and your consumers are tracked and used by AI-solutions for effective CRM. That way, your CRM-system can make valuable statistical reports that you can use for your future marketing and sales campaigns. By measuring your consumers’ expectancy level, you’ll know what items and services to offer to them, and which ones to discard.

AI is a valuable technology for tracking your rivals’ business moves. As you enter the relevant data related to companies you want to target, AI-comparative tools gather data on the Web and provide reports in line with your requests. That way, you can spot what marketing and other patterns your competitors use to ensure the desired place on the market.

3. Dig into SEO and content marketing

Far-sighted business owners know the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. If you want to be one of them, follow the next tips:

  • Learn how to use keyword research tools. You need to learn what the most common queries entered by your target audience are. In that light, you can use free keyword research tools to gather those data. Those solutions will help you find out more about your competitors’ success in using certain keywords.
  • Work with SEOspecialists. Once you’ve learned the ropes of SEO, it’s time to expand your knowledge. The most efficient way to reach that goal is to work with SEO-specialists. For starters, they’ll help you optimize your website and show you what else you can do to ensure a high position on search engine result pages (SERPs).
  • Publish relevant content. While this sounds logical, but many SMB-owners don’t understand the true value of well-written content. If you write compelling articles and bring additional value to your consumers, they’ll be more inclined to buy your products or services.
  • Engage visuals. Content doesn’t only refer to written bits. If you apply visuals in your marketing efforts, you’ll generate more leads and become more attractive for your users. Infographics, explainer videos, promotional videos, original images, and business presentations are only some of the features that you can use to improve your visuals.

4. Utilize cloud computing

Business owners live in the golden age of digital communication. You can use various collaboration solutions (Slack, Microsoft Teams), project management tools (Trello, ActiveCollab), VoIP-solutions for conversations, and traditional tools (like email) are here to help you improve your operability.

What you may not be aware of at first is that all these systems and solutions are all located on the cloud.

In that light, cloud computing is a great chance for SMB-owners to improve their business operations.

From the collaboration and communication options above to cloud storage and SaaS-services, the cloud brings a vast array of benefits for all sorts of SMBs.

5. Rely on UX-features

A small or mid-sized business that wants to be successful needs to listen to their consumers’ needs.

In the last few years, user experience (UX) has become a vital part of every business strategy.

In simple terms, if you want your business to bloom, take into account UX-features of all your online channels.

The central hub of your entire online marketing is your website. As described by the UX-experts from a Houston Web design company, business owners that implement their users’ opinions will benefit more from their websites. In line with that, enrich your business website with relevant business data, share practical tips to resolve your consumers’ issues, and keep it simple and adapted to various devices.

Social networks are important channels for your online business operability. Read your customers’ comments and consider their reviews. Act in line with their expectations and needs to come up with the most suitable business solutions for their needs.

Finally, react to complaints that you receive in your email inbox, via social media, or in any other way. The more suggestions for improvement you apply, the better business results you’ll have.

Making a new small business efficient is not an easy task. Still, with all the communication and collaboration tools at your disposal and numerous digital channels, it’s not impossible. As a matter of fact, if you use the IoT and AI, together with effective SEO and content marketing, your business is more likely to grow. Together with UX-elements, these features will help youcarry out all activities with flying colors.