Lighting source and lamp shape ideas for your house 2020

First of all, the most basic function of lamps is lighting. Due to the rapid development of modern technology, new lamps are emerging endlessly. Their colors and brightness are different, and their applicability is also different. Gentle can be used in bedrooms and study rooms; neon lights are beautiful and changeable, which is more suitable for decorating the atmosphere in the living room.

After satisfying the basic functions, the lamp has become a kind of decoration through its unique and varied appearance. It is an indispensable decoration for every family. It can change your living room without having to educate and give you everywhere. In the meticulous decoration, add the pen with full of personality to create the mood and atmosphere you expect.

A successful lighting design plan should complement the other decorative design elements well and complement each other. It must be clear which areas should be given the most adequate lighting and which areas are best immersed in the mist. The correct method is to comprehensively design according to the characteristics of the room. Lighting to determine the highlights.

The choice of materials for lamps and lanterns has a wide range of materials: iron, knee, bone, wood, glass, paper, crystal, copper, PVC and so on. The choice of the shape, color and brightness of the lamps and lanterns should be the same as that of the room. When selecting the materials, you should pay attention to harmonize with the entire decoration style within the scope of your economic conditions.

Variety characteristics of bedroom chandeliers

There are two types of chandelier: single-head chandelier and multi-head chandelier(for chandelier you should install the right led light bulbs, we recommend lohasled e12 bulb). The former is mostly used in bedrooms and dining rooms; the latter should be installed in the living room. The chandelier has a milky white lampshade. The frosted light bulb is installed in the lampshade, and the light scattering is soft. The other is that the cover is facing down, and the light directly shines indoors, which looks bright and bright. The other is that the mouth is upward, the light shines on the ceiling, and then reflects down, making people feel soft and relaxed.

Multi-head chandelier has various flower-shaped frosted or frosted glass lampshades or plastic lampshades, with 3 to 5 lamps, 5 to 7 lamps, or even more than ten lamps. There are multiple layers and multiple layers. Colors are colorless, pure white, pink, sky blue, light green, golden, milky white, and crystal lamps. The lamp holder has metal spraying, chrome plating and all plastic products.

There are many kinds of lamp jewelry. The first choice is multiple crystal chandeliers. There are several types: natural crystal cut-shaped chandeliers, most famous for Italian, French, and Austrian lighting products; heavy lead crystal blow-molded chandelier, low-lead crystal blow-molded chandelier; crystal glass Mid-range modeling chandelier, crystal glass pendant chandelier, crystal glass die-cut cut chandelier, crystal glass bar chandelier, crystal glass diversified refraction colorful chandelier, etc. The lighting makes the interior glorious and magnificent.

Single head chandelier, such as milky white chandelier and flowerpot-type chandelier, looks elegant and bright; there are still adjustable ceiling chandelier with serpentine tube, a large lampshade, glass or all plastic products, different shapes, colorful and colorful. It is installed on the ceiling of the restaurant and falls down during the meal. The light is concentrated on the table, bringing warmth to the family.

The lamp can be installed on the ceiling, above the bedside, in the cabinet, and can also be hung, dropped, or suspended. Divided into two types of Tibetan and semi-Tibetan. The characteristics of the downlight are that the light source is partially illuminated and freely scattered from top to bottom. The light source is enclosed in a lampshade. Its shape has a tube-type downlight, a sleeve-type downlight, a flowerpot-type downlight, and a concave groove. Downlights and downlights. Can be installed in the portico, living room, bedroom. For example, a green wall lamp is installed near the TV. A sleeve-type downlight is set above the sculpture shape, which can direct people’s attention to the artwork for easy viewing. The chrome-plated glass art-decorative floor-standing downlight not only catches the eye, but also creates a stage-like brush effect. The wattage of the downlight should not be too large, it is only for illumination, and should not be glare.

Features and Varieties of Living Table Lamps

Table lamps are set up in the living room, mostly used for writing desks, bedside tables and low combination cabinets. There are many categories and they can generally be divided into two types: craft lamps and writing lamps. Craft table lamps include glass grinding, ceramic glaze, cloisonne, metal and plastic products to enhance artistic modeling and decorative effects. Writing desk lamps include metal snake-shaped tube desk lamps, clip spring rocker suspension table lamps, seat-type dimmable all-plastic table lamps, seat-type dimmable enamel table lamps, bronze-type classical table-post single and double porcelain cover table lamps, and grooved double Porcelain double-colored table lamp, classical candle table lamp, ancient kerosene lamp table lamp, double lamp head glass table lamp. Its function is mainly used for reading and writing. The lampshade is mostly opaque or semi-transparent, so that the light is concentrated under the light. The luminosity and the distance between people’s sight are specified. Generally, the distance between them is 30 ~ 45 cm. The angle between the light and the sight forms a 45-degree angle. Incandescent light bulbs have better visual effects than low-wattage fluorescent tubes.