Tech Support and Customer Service Guide for Hosting Resellers

While web hosting is a technical service, it’s usually not the technicalities that force a site owner to change the host – it is lack of quality service. Are you surprised? Welcome to the new world where a customer is the king and has multiple platforms to voice his concerns, grievances, or even praise a brand. While one positive review can lead to numerous leads and customers, negative reviews from legitimate customers can break a brand overnight. Hence, as a Hosting Reseller, focusing on technical support and customer service should be high up on your priority list.

Today, we will share a quick guide to help you streamline these functions within your Reseller Hosting business.

1.Choose a provider that offers support to your clients too

One of the most significant benefits of starting a Reseller Hosting business is the opportunity to enter the web hosting industry without having to be a technical expert. Having said that, once you sell hosting packages to your clients, answering their queries, and solving the problems faced by them becomes your responsibility. Hence, you either need a team of experts to handle any queries or choose a hosting provider that offers customer support to your clients too.

Remember, since your web hosting company manages the server, they can handle technical issues with ease. Ensure that before you buy the Reseller Hosting plan, you talk to the provider about extending support to your clients and get the SLAs and processes in order.



Most web hosts offer WHMCS to Hosting Resellers to help them manage their client and billing processes with ease. While it provides a range of benefits, the essential feature concerning customer service is its helpdesk module. Many resellers start small and offer support to their clients via emails or calls. While this is fine initially, you will need a system to help you track and manage every support issue efficiently as your business grows.

3.Respond even if you don’t have a resolution

Customers don’t like to be left waiting with no response from the brand. Like in any relationship, communication is the key to your Reseller Hosting business. Have a standard process to handle queries. Let’s say that you decide to respond to a client within 20 minutes of receiving their query. Regardless of the complexity of the issue and whether you have the answers to all his questions or not, make sure that you respond within the stipulated time (even if it means a holding response where you request the client for some more time). Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Every passing minute can be frustrating if your site is facing performance issues that your provider cannot resolve. It can get worse if he doesn’t communicate with you at all.

While offering multiple channels for communication is desirable, it is not mandatory. If you have started your business recently and don’t find it economically feasible to invest in live chat or phone support, then ensure that you have a helpdesk that is highly responsive on emails and ensures client satisfaction.

Summing Up

The web hosting industry is highly competitive with hosting companies, affiliates and resellers all trying to woo clients and get a bigger share of the market. Also, with social media presence in every household, one positive review can boost your reputation overnight. Hence, ensure that you focus on the support aspect of your business and gain the coveted edge over your competitors. Good Luck!