Social media is an integral part of our lives now. It keeps us connected wherever we are in this world. Social media constitutes of tools such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other sites where people can connect. These tools enable people to discover and learn new information, share their ideas, and interact with new people and organizations. People now read reviews about products online on these platforms prior to the purchase, as they believe they can gauge knowledge regarding products. Social media importance can be seen in several fields like; entertainment, food, lifestyle, travel, business, and much more. Studies have shown people would pay more attention to pictures and graphics than to content so, therefore, out of all the social media tools Instagram has the highest engagement rate.

TRAVELGRAM- Future of Tourism Industry:

As mentioned above, Instagram engages the highest number of people. This would be a great idea to make a separate platform where only travel-related information is available. This will be a perfect place where people can share their travel stories, pictures, reviews, idea, experiences and people all over the world can access that information. Obviously, this app will be for the people who are travel maniacs and adventurous. The tourism industry will flourish with this Travelgram. Mobile app development Dubai can develop this as Dubai is a hub where people from all over the world visit and they can carry out market research efficiently before adding features.

Who Should Implement this Idea?

Countries where tourism is the main source of economy building such as UAE, European Countries, Maldives, and Turkey, should collaborate. Not just countries but the hospitality industry shall contribute to this project too. As people when traveling to destinations, they search a lot about hotels and restaurants.

Mobile app development Dubai


First hurdle this app will face would be promotion. The best idea would be to get on board known travel bloggers available on YouTube and Instagram. They can promote their content over to Travel gram.

People are following these people already and they can convince their audience to join Travel gram. Mobile app development Dubai will include a feature thatcan show engagement and two-way conversations.

Cohesive Feed Attracts more Audience:

According to the study, 72% of Gen X and millennial share their photos on social media while traveling.

67% people choose their travel destinations by searching over social media. However, Social media is a platform where information, pictures and data is available about everything so point of focus becomes less. Having cohesive feed in front of consumer’s eyes will bring in more engagement and rather customers. For example, over Instagram, people who would plan to go to certain destination will search about it and get information whereas; if we have a specific platform where people will share information about different places, that can bring in more tourism as people will get to know more about that place. This is why collaborating with countries and hospitality industry is the best idea to launch this app.

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