Which Business Printer Should You Choose?

Choosing an office printer can be a long research project. You have to decide what your needs are, how much money you have to spend, if you will lease or buy a printer and if you want maintenance and supplies rolled into the cost or if you want everything separated. It can be a challenging task and you may not even know what type of printer your office needs when you first start out. Here are the most common types of printers used in offices to give you a head start towards discovering the best printer for your needs.

Inkjet Printer

Inkjet printers are an affordable option for many offices. They work by spraying ink onto the page at resolutions of 300-600dpi, which makes them excellent for the smaller documents and forms that most businesses print. If your company wants each individual or couple of individuals to have access to their own¬†printers Jackson MI, inkjets can be a fantastic option because of their small size. They do tend to have a higher cost per page than larger models, so you’ll have to estimate your printing cost and see if it’s worth it.

Business Printer

Laser Printer

Laser printers, which use a laser to draw images onto a copier drum, can be more efficient than inkjet printers and they are used often in busy offices. The cost per page is lower, the print speed is faster, and it has a higher paper capacity. They do cost more than inkjet printers upfront and with continued maintenance and supplies, however, the speed may be what your company needs. Laser printers use toner rather than ink, which prevents smearing.

LED Printer

The LED printers are similar to laser printers, but they use light instead of a laser to create the print images on the drum. They use fewer parts, making maintenance less of an issue, and are highly efficient.

Multi-Function Printer

A multi-function printer can save your office space by combining multiple jobs into one piece of equipment. These printers can usually copy, fax, and scan in addition to printing, making them a highly efficient machine in a small office space. While this can save you space and money, make sure you consider how large your workgroup is and if one machine can handle all the demands.

A printer is a personal choice, and it all depends on the specific needs and budget of your unique company.